How To Easily Track A Phone Number In The US?

Unlike your landline - there is no formal directory available for cell phone numbers, because cell phone numbers are treated as "unlisted" numbers. Not only that, cell phone service providers (careers) also protect their user's rights through several privacy policies. Those privacy policies are implied by the company itself as well as the government bodies, but there are ways to track phone numbers using paid services that collect the info from various sources.

There are several reasons to track a phone number. The most common reasons are:

-Harassing or Prank Calls
-Catching Cheating Spouses
-Tracking Teen's Activities.
-Locating An Old Friend.
-Detective Work And Industrial Espionage.

No matter whatever the reason is, finding the person behind a number is not difficult. Because if the phone calls come from a traditional landline, the number can be easily tracked through the telephone directory or yellow pages where you can get the complete details regarding a specific number like: the owner's name, address of the owner and many other details. But the problem arises when the phone calls come from a private number like a cell phone number.

As mentioned earlier, cell phones are private numbers and there are no such telephone directories available that contain the details of the number's owner or there is not IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system available that provides the details about a cell phone number. So, what is the best possible way to get the information related to a cell phone number? Well, there are different approaches people use to track cell phone numbers.

How This Is Done Without Cost

The first approach to track any phone number is: search the number directly in all major search engines. The method is pretty straightforward. Open all major search engines like: Google, Yahoo! MSN and other popular engines in your browser, type the phone number and click search button. Usually, people add his/her cell phone number into social networking sites and other websites. The search engines can retrieve the details of those sites (if available) and display them.

Another method to find details about a phone number is: searching in online directories. Usually, the landline service providers offer online telephone directories. There are numbers of third party online phone directories available who offer the information without charging fees and you can try to track the number using those sites. But, the most unfortunate thing about such sites is: they are outdated and don't work well for cell phone numbers.

Searching is a volunteer directory and is another great idea. This is one kind of online directory, but unlike traditional outdated information, the site updates its information based on volunteers. This kind of website contains user submitted information and somewhat more useful than government websites that contains outdated information. But it is also true that the volunteer sites also lack of user data due to its nature.

The Best Approach To Find Phone Numbers

Finally and hopefully the best option is: reverse lookup sites. Reverse lookup sites are similar to directory services. Usually, the reverse lookup service providers collects information about phone numbers from various organizations, unofficial sources and social platforms to build their database. Sometimes, the lookup companies directly buy the information from the service providers with limited rights. Normally, the entire process involves costs and that is why there is no free reverse lookup service available.

The main reason for using paid reverse lookup services is because of the accuracy of the information. Nowadays, there are 250 million numbers available in the US and the numbers are increasing day by day. That is why it is very important that the data source must contain large databases to ensure almost perfect information related to a number. So, the first criteria to successfully track a phone number in the US is this.

The most beneficial part of tracking a cell phone number or any unlisted numbers through reverse lookup service is: it is fast and gives you the result within no time. Unlike traditional 411 services, the web based services enables 100 times faster response time. Additionally, the services not only retrieves basic information about a number, but also additional information like - the approx. age of the number holder, the property details and many other useful information that really works for investigating agencies as well as private use, all of this because they use really huge databases.

Cheap Or Expensive Sevices?

Cheap vs. Paid Services - Which one is the best? This is most common question of a user. As mentioned earlier, the information collected from various sources and the sources aren't free. So, if the database is huge and accurate, the service will not be so cheap, but they are affordable by anyone. Practically speaking, there are different kinds of subscription/membership plans they offer.

Before going for any subscription, there are two things that you must consider. The first thing is security and the second thing is privacy. Security is the most important aspect of the entire lookup process because you're going to send your financial details to buy the subscription/membership plans. So, it is recommended that before registering on those sites, ensure that the site use a secure payment gateway and proper encryption to transfer your financial details to the payment gateway.

Besides security, it is important the trustworthiness of the business. First of all, the website must have good user reviews and large number of satisfied customers. To check the credibility, do a little research on different search engines and you'll get the truth. Additionally, if you are going to use the service a lot, make sure you choose the subscription to save a lot of money in the long run.

There is another question related to how to track a phone number in the US is: is tracking a number is legal? Until you've done this for a legal purpose, there is nothing illegal involved with it. But it is recommended that, if you get any threatening calls or someone harassing you, report this to the nearest police station as well as take help from any legal advisor who can guide you regarding legal issues.