Do You Need To Know Who A Phone Number Belongs To? Here Is How

If you know the name of someone and you want to know his phone number, then one option is to search in the white pages, but if you know the number of the person but you don't know his name, them the problem is a little bit complex. Fortunately, if this is the case, then you could go to the Internet and search for "reverse directories". This reverse directories are databases exactly like the white pages, but they are "ordered" by phone numbers not names and problem solved, right?

¡No So Fast!

Well, your problem will be already solved if you are looking for a land line, but you could be interested in finding a prank caller, doing his call from a Cell phone and in that case, this "reverse directories" will not be useful. furthermore, if the number you are trying to investigate is "unlisted" you will also be unsuccessful with this type of search.

The Solution

The Solution to discover who is the person behind any phone numbers lies behind a service called: Reverse Phone Detective, which is probably, one of the best services around to keep databases from various sources to make fast and accurate searches. Now, buy this kind of databases and integrate them into one single and searchable form is a gigantic work, so this is the reason this people charge $19 dollars for the service.

There are similar services in the market right now that offer the same type of service, but this is one of the most accurate around. Although you will not always be sucessful using this service, it will give you the most chances of sucess and most users are very happy with the service.

Using Phone Detective To Search Information on Cell Phone Numbers

Are you worried about annoying prank calls or harassing calls appearing on your cell phone in a regular basis or calls in odd hours? Maybe you don't feel in danger while receiving annoying calls, but you have a simple way to stop them with new advances in technology using a service known as: Phone Detective.

The Birth Of Mobile Phone Reverse Lookup

Traditionally, it was very easy to have information about any landline because telephone companies continue publishing those books for free in a way or other, but recent changes with privacy laws don't let telecommunication companies publish cell phone number, so they are very hard to trace if you receive unwanted calls from one of them, but in this case, you may get some chance to pick the person behind such phone call by using mobile phone reverse lookup services like this.

If you receive many unwanted calls, you should spend some time researching the identification of any of your unwanted calls and numbers, use the tool and call the police if necessary.

Online Options

There are numbers of websites available on the Internet that bring this kind of service, but not all are created equal. In fact, you should look for the company that has the most valid and current records to do your searches effectively.

Works With Minimal Online Knowledge:

If you have any sort of online knowledge searching for information on a number will be as easy as using the yellow pages. Just go to the recommend site and type the number you want to investigate and the system will tell you if there are results in their database or not. Consider that Mobile Phone Reverse Lookup services are only available to search for US phone numbers and not for any number on earth. Once you type the number you will be given the most important information about the person you are searching for as: name, their address, their past addresses and you could request also advanced information about this person for an additional fee such as: employment details, personal or family history, etc.

Free Or Paid?

You can find a lot of websites that will help you with your search, free and paid. First of all, we don't recommend free mobile phone reverse lookup services because many marketing people create fake profiles in social networking sites to promote shady products and those profiles are filled with false information, just to trick consumers into some scam. Even if you manage to find real profiles on the Internet, the information may not be current and you will accusing someone else for the unwanted calls, so this is clearly a bad way to search for phone numbers.

There are indeed free directories that are created with the goodwill of people, but even the information could be accurate, they don't have the same access of the mobile phone reverse lookup companies to pay for access to the real databases kept under locks by the telephone companies. If you time is worth something, you should not even consider doing your search on the Internet to save some dollars. The paid site will allow you to search for: private, public, pager and business as well.

Avoid Fake Websites!

Be sure to use a reliable provider that really is offering the service and not a fake website that is there only to steal your information and sell it to third parties. We have done an extensive research and you already know which the best service around is.

Payment Options For Phone Detective

Phone Detective accepts credit card payment as well as Paypal. Their payment processor is Clickbank a known company that offers digital goods and has sold already more than 2 billion dollars in digital products, so you could be confident that payments are taken very seriously there. Clickbank is well known for providing a 6 weeks money back guarantee with questions and hassles, just if you are not satisfied with the product in question, being Phone Detective or any other one, you just request your money back and you are safe. This way your purchase is guaranteed. Phone Detective offers two types of payments: A one time option that will allow you to search a specific phone number and a recurring billing option if you want to use this service without limits. If you are going for the recurring option it is important to choose the service with the largest database to protect your investment.

Solve your issue of getting unwanted calls with the best service available today which is: Phone Detective and you will be glad you did.

How To Track a Cell Phone Number Almost 100% Accurately?

When we're talking about track a cell phone number, we can't get the right answer from anywhere. The main reason is because cell phone numbers are "unlisted" number and there are no official number directories for that. But the question is: is it really possible to track a cell phone number? Well, you can track any cell phone number almost 100% accurately.

Why Is Not Perfect?

Humm, that's because as mentioned earlier, there is no official directory available for that and third party service providers collect background records of number's owner from various unofficial sources like: business directories, social networking platforms, job portals and other resources and sometimes they buy the information from official sources for which they pay thousands of dollars.

How To Select Reverse Lookup Services?

Before you move forward with reverse lookup service to track a cell phone number, keep in mind that there are no such "Free" reverse lookup service available. As mentioned earlier, the service providers collects background records for money from various sources and the sources involve handsome amount of costs. Not only that, but cell phone numbers are growing every day and many simply change their number. That is why it is very important for service providers to track necessary changes and update with regular interval. The entire process involves a lot of man power and money and this is the main reason of their paid service.

Spy Software

Many people messed up reverse lookup with other related technologies. The most common similarity of reverse lookup is spy software. Spy software is installed in a cell phone and when the cell phone is stolen, the owner of the cell phone can track the cell phone using this software. Only if the thief changes the SIM card the spy software sends the new number to the original owner. However, in reverse lookup is a completely different thing. Using this service you can find the personal details of a cell phone owner. Spy software and reverse lookup services are interrelated in some cases, especially if the phone is stolen. But what happened when you get continuous threatening or harassing calls from a single number or random numbers? At that point, you need something different than spy software because you already know the number, but you don't know the owner's name! Right now, reverse lookup will help you.

Reverse Lookup To Track A Cell Phone Number

Usually, reverse lookup services offers a lot of background information like: owner's name, business details, past and present addresses, credit details (if available), sex offence (if any), other criminal offence and many other useful information that can help you a lot and you can take your decision based on that information.

What is the key to accurate cell phone tracking? The golden rule to select the accurate reverse lookup service is: the database size. According to the CTIA wireless Association and their recent study in Dec-11, the current user base is: 331.6 million. Now, the amount is nearly double and increasing every day. That is why it is very important to get the information perfectly. The database size ensures the accuracy of data. The simple rule is: a large database means more accurate information.

Different Services, Different Accuracy

But as mentioned earlier, usually the reverse lookup service providers collect the information from various sources and due to high volume of data, it is impossible to check each record individually and it is quite natural that some data could be missing or may not be up-to-date. Additionally, some people change their cell numbers frequently, especially students. The main reason is that they always look for cheap call rates and other services. That is why they buy a SIM card that currently has cheap call rates. Once the offer expires, they immediately eliminate the SIM card. There are numerous reasons for changing cell phone numbers like: lost phone or SIM card and others. However, it is also important that the service provider be updated regularly. Apart from this, there is another aspect involved in finding accurate information. This is a pure financial aspect. Usually, large reverse lookup service providers offer money back guarantees when the user doesn't get results. So, it is also important to check for money back guarantees. This ensures not only accurate information, but also protects your money if you don't find what you are looking for.

Check Before You Buy

Due to the nature of the service, it is not possible to check the service before you buy the subscription! That is why it is hard to check the reputation of that business. Still, you can check the reputation asking someone who already uses the service and if you don't have such friends, you can check online reviews of that service. There are several third party websites that offer real reviews on their sites. Those sites can also help you a lot. We have done our homework and we are recommending the best service that also offers 6 weeks money back guarantee.

Asking For Support

On the other hand, it is really frustrating when you look for specific information and you don't find it, especially when you pay money for it. No matter what information you need, the service provider may not offer that information. For example, if you are looking for your old friend and you want to confirm it by her old address, your required information is the old address. So, make sure that the service provider offers the old address. The best way to check this is to ask their customer care executive or support desk. Some companies also have live chat support for their customers. You can ask your questions there and buy the subscription once you are satisfied with the answer. If all fails, you have to money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

Protect Your Privacy

Finally, keep in mind that good reverse look up services never ask for your personal information. They only give you the information you ask for. If any website asks for your personal details, do not enter the data over there because they will sell your information to others. To keep safe, simply avoid the step or close the website and ask for your refund. Last but not the least, threatening or harassing phone calls may be subject to police or legal cell of your state/country. So, it is recommended that you subsequently inform a nearby police station or legal cell regarding the matter.

How To Easily Track A Phone Number In The US?

Unlike your landline - there is no formal directory available for cell phone numbers, because cell phone numbers are treated as "unlisted" numbers. Not only that, cell phone service providers (careers) also protect their user's rights through several privacy policies. Those privacy policies are implied by the company itself as well as the government bodies, but there are ways to track phone numbers using paid services that collect the info from various sources.

There are several reasons to track a phone number. The most common reasons are:

-Harassing or Prank Calls
-Catching Cheating Spouses
-Tracking Teen's Activities.
-Locating An Old Friend.
-Detective Work And Industrial Espionage.

No matter whatever the reason is, finding the person behind a number is not difficult. Because if the phone calls come from a traditional landline, the number can be easily tracked through the telephone directory or yellow pages where you can get the complete details regarding a specific number like: the owner's name, address of the owner and many other details. But the problem arises when the phone calls come from a private number like a cell phone number.

As mentioned earlier, cell phones are private numbers and there are no such telephone directories available that contain the details of the number's owner or there is not IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system available that provides the details about a cell phone number. So, what is the best possible way to get the information related to a cell phone number? Well, there are different approaches people use to track cell phone numbers.

How This Is Done Without Cost

The first approach to track any phone number is: search the number directly in all major search engines. The method is pretty straightforward. Open all major search engines like: Google, Yahoo! MSN and other popular engines in your browser, type the phone number and click search button. Usually, people add his/her cell phone number into social networking sites and other websites. The search engines can retrieve the details of those sites (if available) and display them.

Another method to find details about a phone number is: searching in online directories. Usually, the landline service providers offer online telephone directories. There are numbers of third party online phone directories available who offer the information without charging fees and you can try to track the number using those sites. But, the most unfortunate thing about such sites is: they are outdated and don't work well for cell phone numbers.

Searching is a volunteer directory and is another great idea. This is one kind of online directory, but unlike traditional outdated information, the site updates its information based on volunteers. This kind of website contains user submitted information and somewhat more useful than government websites that contains outdated information. But it is also true that the volunteer sites also lack of user data due to its nature.

The Best Approach To Find Phone Numbers

Finally and hopefully the best option is: reverse lookup sites. Reverse lookup sites are similar to directory services. Usually, the reverse lookup service providers collects information about phone numbers from various organizations, unofficial sources and social platforms to build their database. Sometimes, the lookup companies directly buy the information from the service providers with limited rights. Normally, the entire process involves costs and that is why there is no free reverse lookup service available.

The main reason for using paid reverse lookup services is because of the accuracy of the information. Nowadays, there are 250 million numbers available in the US and the numbers are increasing day by day. That is why it is very important that the data source must contain large databases to ensure almost perfect information related to a number. So, the first criteria to successfully track a phone number in the US is this.

The most beneficial part of tracking a cell phone number or any unlisted numbers through reverse lookup service is: it is fast and gives you the result within no time. Unlike traditional 411 services, the web based services enables 100 times faster response time. Additionally, the services not only retrieves basic information about a number, but also additional information like - the approx. age of the number holder, the property details and many other useful information that really works for investigating agencies as well as private use, all of this because they use really huge databases.

Cheap Or Expensive Sevices?

Cheap vs. Paid Services - Which one is the best? This is most common question of a user. As mentioned earlier, the information collected from various sources and the sources aren't free. So, if the database is huge and accurate, the service will not be so cheap, but they are affordable by anyone. Practically speaking, there are different kinds of subscription/membership plans they offer.

Before going for any subscription, there are two things that you must consider. The first thing is security and the second thing is privacy. Security is the most important aspect of the entire lookup process because you're going to send your financial details to buy the subscription/membership plans. So, it is recommended that before registering on those sites, ensure that the site use a secure payment gateway and proper encryption to transfer your financial details to the payment gateway.

Besides security, it is important the trustworthiness of the business. First of all, the website must have good user reviews and large number of satisfied customers. To check the credibility, do a little research on different search engines and you'll get the truth. Additionally, if you are going to use the service a lot, make sure you choose the subscription to save a lot of money in the long run.

There is another question related to how to track a phone number in the US is: is tracking a number is legal? Until you've done this for a legal purpose, there is nothing illegal involved with it. But it is recommended that, if you get any threatening calls or someone harassing you, report this to the nearest police station as well as take help from any legal advisor who can guide you regarding legal issues.

Reverse Phone Lookup Cell Phone To Find More Information About Phone Numbers

Maybe you are receiving harassing calls (if you are a pretty girl, you know what i'm talking about) or unwanted prank callers are calling from their cellphones making you waste time, but now you have an easy solution to make a reverse phone lookup cell phone, using the services of a company like: Phone Detective.

This company compiles information from different sources to offer one of the largest databases of unlisted numbers with all their corresponding information to inform the police about these people.

If you want to make a reverse phone lookup cell phone, then you should be aware that it is not always possible to perform that kind of search because not all cellphone numbers are listed, but if the information is available, then using a service like the one provided by reverse phone detective, will be able to show the details of your reverse phone lookup cell phone.

Is This Service Fast?

The service is not only fast, but it is also very easy to use and anybody will be able to complete the task of finding a reverse phone lookup cell phone in a matter of minutes because their interface is very intuitive.

The price of the service is very affordable also because it is very efficient to serve digital information over the Internet, avoiding most of the expenses a typical business has, like offices, employees and such. Their overhead is minimal, so they can offer very good prices for their services.

What Guarantees Do I Have Using This?

You are backed up by an unconditional, 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service offered, but the company probably will be able to give you the information you are requesting paying a very affordable fee.

Now you have no excuses to search for a given number, because you could do it on your very own without having to call an investigator, saving hundreds of dollars in the process while doing it in the comfort of your own home and without hassles.

Go now and perform your: reverse phone lookup cell phone, you won't regret.

Reverse Phone Detective Is Showing The Worthy Information Requested By People?

If you find some telephone numbers in your phone bill and you are prepared to investigate who is the one who calls you, there are only two choices. The first alternative is taking the help of a human detective and the second one is trying to figure it out by your own.

The option of contracting a human detective is very expensive and probably beyond the budget of most people because the fees escalates every hour. The second option will not be easy to do if pages like Reverse Phone Detective didn't were offering the service.

Easy To Use

The website is a piece of cake to operate, so there could be no reasons to keep out this website out of your tools to investigate numbers on your bill. The website has a huge database, so you could get precise results in most occasions, in a flash.

Reverse Phone Detective offers a bunch of information for those wishing to research callers for a variety of causes. You could seek out for an old colleague (since details includes history of his addresses), stop people that like to make jokes on the telephone or catch a tricky woman.

Reverse Phone Detective does compel clients to agree a terms of service that don't allow using their information in unlawful behavior, but your information could still be abused. If you don't feel happy having your data in a public database, you have the option to remove your contact info from their database. As a client, Reverse Phone Detective cost $39.95 for a yearly membership or a unique payment of $14.95.

For the public in general, this website is not probably a necessary investment, but could be money well spent for small businesses looking to cash in on calls they have missed when they were closed or people suffering specific problems detailed in this article. Still the reverse phone detective service is cheap and easy to use by anyone.